"Prema's somatic knowledge of anatomy, body-mind centering, and movement make her Yoga sessions unique and well rounded. She zoomed in on the specific imbalance I was experiencing and gracefully guided me through tailored postures, images and breathing practices. I felt relaxed, centered and relieved after. If you need a poignant slow-down bringing you back to a calm nervous system, book a private with her ASAP!" 

 - Shandoah Goldman, Shiatsu Practitioner + Choreographer

"Prema creates and holds a space of gentle strength that invites and allows me to really drop into healing. It is a deep listening time. Her attention to my words and to my body encourages me to bring that same kind of attentive and relaxed curiosity to my own experience. I feel both safe and inspired to let go of holding patterns in my body/mind and create a softer and stronger posture in the world."

- Sarah Chase, Founder of Brooklyn Acupuncture Project 

"Prema's classes are so grounding and uplifting at the same time! She is always bringing in new knowledge to enhance the experience. I have grown so much in my practice in such a short time. Great for beginners and advanced alike. Highly recommend!" 

- Julia Kathryn Hays, Prospect Lefferts Gardens Resident

"When I first heard about Prema's work I immediately requested a session because of all the wonderful things I had heard and due to my ongoing interest in deepening my yoga practice. Having never taken a personalized yoga session before, I was excited and curious. However, what I ended up getting out of these sessions was so much more than anything I could have expected. Every single movement and instruction resonated so deeply with me due to Prema's immense knowledge and ability to listen carefully to both body language during the session and communication through check-ins before and following each session. Prema has supported me in connecting with my own body through processing current experiences with such love and caring insight that I feel increasingly at ease. After my first session, I immediately signed up for 5 more sessions. These sessions built upon each other so mindfully but also each offered a different effect and left me with new pieces of information and increased love towards myself. I recommend Prema’s work so full heartedly for anyone who is interested in connecting more deeply to their own body through love, ease, and peaceful integration of new experiences that arise on this journey. This work is beautiful and I’m grateful for the effects."

 - Sarah Fishstrom, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and Special Education Teacher